What is The 2CV Challenge?

Two guys and a gal they call “Flo” embark on a journey across Europe to help remember those who may forget. Meet Steve and Rich, accompanied by their loyal thirty-year old 2CV car (Flo) who together this spring, April 2020 travel over 1,400 miles to help raise £20,000 for Dementia UK.

Whilst sponsorship seemed the easy road (and still always welcome), Steve and Rich being no stranger to the road less travelled, opt to raise money by accepting bets, challenges, or the occasional dare along their journey for Dementia UK.



We like to do things a little different and decided against pursuing traditional corporate sponsorship. While sponsorship is always welcome, we thought it would be more fun to ask generous donors to wager bets and challenges to complete along the journey. We’ll be adventuring through quaint, little back-streets of France trying to get home, one challenge at a time.

Our first bet: to dress as a French maid every time we stop to refuel. The petrol tank is really small, so the French maid costume will be on full display often. But as it’s a generous £250 bet, we’ll be proudly adorning the French maid outfit in our ambition to reach our £20,000 fundraising goal.

Challenge LEaderboard

"no creature comforts"

Somewhere in the French Alps, 15,000 feet above sea level. Two guys and a thirty year old car (Flo), minus the creature comforts of heated leather ergonomic seats, the marvels of the modern-day vehicle suspension, and the usual mod-cons: SATNAV and climate control. 

Our mission, that we choose to accept: get Flo back to the UK (in one piece) starting from the heights of the French Alps, traversing French villages and completing challenges along the way to raise money for charity.

It’s no walk in the park. Flo is over thirty years old, she’s got 700 miles ahead and with no motorway routes or SATNAV. What could possibly go wrong?

Before we started we conducted a dry-run, and Flo wasn’t cooperative. Engine failure required a reconditioned engine. Flo’s makeover sees her ready for mission-success this spring, April 2020.

The Route

More Challenge Information

To achieve our £20,000 fundraising target, we’ve calculated the need for approximately 500 hundred bets and challenges.

While we’ll do the driving, we kindly ask you – the generous donor – to provide inspiration by digging deep inside your wallet and creative side to pose challenges for completion. We’ll be broadcasting live along the journey, so you can relish every (potentially embarrassing) moment as it happens, where it happens.

The highest earning challenges and most unusual will win generous donors the opportunity to participate in the challenge. Participation activities range from the joy of a few hours travel in the car, enjoying an evening meal together, or a front-seat view of a challenge unfold, to name a few.  


Make a Donation

There are a number of ways you can help Steve and Rich attain their £20,000 fundraising goal for Dementia UK.

Pledge on our JustGiving page or wager your bets with a challenge for Steve and Rich to complete. A pledge of any value is most welcome and makes a world of difference. Every penny counts, and all proceeds support Dementia UK.

When donating through JustGiving, be sure to leave your message with your challenge or bet.