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There are a number of ways you can help Steve, Rich and Flo achieve their fundraising target of £20,000 for dementia.

You can pledge to simply support the cause, or wager bets and challenges to see the team (in all their splendour) attempt to maintain their dignity during the completion of your challenge/bet. 

Top donations and challenges will appear in the leaderboard below and it is updated every week.


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We like to do things a little different and decided against pursuing traditional corporate sponsorship. While sponsorship is always welcome, we thought it would be more fun to ask generous donors to wager bets and challenges for charity to complete along the journey. We’ll be adventuring through quaint, little back-streets of France trying to get home, one challenge at a time.

Our first bet: to dress as a French maid every time we stop to refuel. The petrol tank is really small, so the French maid costume will be on full display often. But as it’s a generous £250 bet, we’ll be proudly adorning the French maid outfit in our ambition to reach our £20,000 fundraising goal.

Below are just a few of the ideas Steve, Rich and Flo have been challenged to complete. Feel free to choose one or more below, or submit your own via our JustGiving page. When making your pledge on JustGiving, be sure to leave a message with a description of your challenge or bet.

  • Fill the car up with foam while wearing bathing costumes
  • Have a selfie with whoever we meet along the way
  • One of us drive and the other run for 5km
  • A Procession of 2CVs through a village
  • Dress as true English gents in a little French town
  • Singalong for 6 hours
  • Ask a delivery vehicle for local goods
  • Fit handles and wheels so it looks like an upturned pram
  • Dress the car like a cat
  • Various outfits for the drivers – nurses, French maids etc
  • Have conversations in French
  • Strongest man – pull the car for a mile
  • Pancake tossing competition
  • Do a head stand while in the passenger seat
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Suggest a challenge

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